Spiffy’s Sunday Supplement – 05/07/2020

First off, apologies for the radio silence (pun intended) most of last week โ€” I wasn’t feeling well, so didn’t do my mid-week show.

Also, I’m late posting this because I forgot to do this on Monday. Bite me, I’m allowed senior moments! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyways, here’s Sunday’s show recording plus tracklisting. Unfortunately, one song decided that it didn’t want to play, so the show is a little shorter than normal. Theme was chill-out. I hope you enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Glass Bird Movement โ€” ISAN
Ransom Notes โ€” SOHN
Sel Alterat โ€” Boc Scadet
Gniddt โ€“ Arovane
Seq Changing Airborne โ€” The Flashbulb
Lit โ€” Kiasmos
Eagles Above โ€” Teen Daze
Offal Waffle โ€” Little People
Maghellen โ€” Bola
Away From โ€” Robot Koch
Nat’s Twirly Mug โ€” Kelpe
Several โ€” Christian Kleine
Blooms Eventually โ€” Pulseprogramming
New Bimple โ€” ยต-Ziq
Rustdusk โ€“ Kiln
Levite โ€” Vladislav Delay
Smile โ€” kaito
Second Sense โ€” Jon Hopkins
Analogue Bubblebath โ€” Aphex Twin

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