Spiffy’s DJ Set @ BURN2 “The Multiverse”

Spiffy photoshoot at BURN2

As promised, here’s the audio recording of my DJ set from Saturday at BURN2 “The Multiverse”. There weren’t as many people this time, compared to my previous appearance at BURN2 VRC at the end of August, but the upside was that I could actually type in chat without horrible lag! 😛

My downtempo mix was much appreciated — it seems that a lot of the other DJs had been playing exclusively EDM songs. Nothing against EDM, but you can have too much of a good thing.

Of course, I forgot to take any photos while DJ-ing. Facepalm. But you’ll hear on the audio that French artist Patrick Moya joined the party for a while in his distinctive avatar, and DJ Puddles arrived near the end to take over from me.

Thanks to Sparky, who was my host during my set, Tantari Kim who was the DJ before me, DJ Puddles, Madog and all the other folks who joined me at the Main Stage. I had a great time, and will definitely be back for next year’s BURN2 festivities!


Rewind! (DMX Krew Version) — Cylob
Digeridoo (live in Cornwall, 1990) — The Aphex Twin
Now is the Time — Jeff Mills
Pyrex2 — The Gasman
Aggression (Moodorama Mix) — Czech
Dream — Curd Duca
Open Up — Leftfield
Downstream — The Irresistible Force
Ask the Mountains — Vangelis
Auto Pimp — Amorphous Androgynous
Snake Hips — The Future Sound Of London
As Time Goes By (Sitting Under a Tree) — Carl Craig
Get Stupid Fresh, Pt. 1 — Mantronix
red king — Vessel
Seeing Sense — Luke Slater
Slipped Disc — Luke Vibert
E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim Mix) [Radio Edit] — Jean-Jacques Perrey
First Time Ever — Joanna Law
Circle — Jon Hopkins
Born Slippy (Nuxx) [Remastered] — Underworld


  1. I’d like to reblog some of your posts, Spiffy and give you lotsa Thumbs Uppsies. Please add those services for your fans.

    1. Alright, after a lot of cussing, I’ve finally got the Like buttons to appear, plus some sharing options. I’ll be damned if I can find the Reblog option, but I guess that’s only if you’re on WordPress.com? I’ll sleep on that, do some research tomorrow.

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