Seasons Bleepings!

Picture of me in a Christmas setting, holding up a sign. The sign reads, "Dear Santa, to save time, just go ahead and list me under naughty."

Well, it’s Christmas Eve here, and I’m taking a break from compiling my playlist for the nearly-four-hour show I’ll be doing today on Gorean Whip Radio from 12pm SLT.

I don’t celebrate the religious side of Christmas — for me, the more relevant celebration is the Winter Solstice, which signifies the renewal of life, and more importantly longer days. And I stopped taking part in the commercial side of Christmas many years ago, preferring to give to charity instead. I’ve even managed to resist the Christmas sales in Second Life, as I work on reorganizing my inventory and dispensing with the stuff I no longer need.

Please have a safe Christmas this year. I know it’s going to be hard for many of us to be separated from loved ones, and lockdown restrictions have curtailed a lot of planned celebrations, but we all need to do our small part to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Vaccinations have started here in the UK for those at most immediate risk, and I’m hopeful that in time those will help reduce the spread even further.

This will be the first Christmas in ages where my sister and her other half haven’t been able to come visit and have a meal with us. She’s self-isolating at home, as a child in the class she teaches tested positive shortly before the end of term. And it’s just over two years since we lost my dad. But we’re keeping positive, my mum got her first of two vaccine shots last week, and I’m hopeful I’ll get mine in the New Year.

Here’s hoping we all have a better time in 2021!

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