Closing In On The End Of 2020…

Spiffy dancing at WHIP HQ, alongside Officer WhipRadio, one of the station bots.

Hey everyone, sorry for being so quiet here. Truth be told, I had to step back from Second Life and DJing for most of November to focus on my real-world health, both physical and mental.

I’ve made some changes to old ingrained habits, and as a result I’m feeling rested and more energized for the first time in ages! That has taken some getting used to.

And I’ve not been completely absent from Second Life. I’ve been logging in for short periods to work on cleaning up my inventory, dealing with the backlog of stuff that never got unpacked, and throwing out the things I no longer need. Doing that has stirred up lots of memories, both good and bad, but I’ve soldiered on and I should be finished by the New Year.

Admittedly, I don’t have a huge inventory to start with, having only joined Second Life in 2015, but I was astounded by how much stuff I’d managed to accumulate in just that time! I have to be honest, many of those are the result of impulse purchases and retail therapy splurges. 🙁 I realize now that such actions aren’t good long-term for either my well-being or my wallet, so I’m making a conscious effort to rein in my spending in the next year.

My other weakness has been group gifts and freebies. That’s not a knock against either, and there are a few that I’ll be keeping, but if I’m entirely honest, throwing out the majority of those wasn’t a hard decision.

Since I’ve been focussing on developing my Second Life persona as the blue rainbow-speckled alien, I think it’s only right that my wardrobe and accessories should reflect that. So, I’m going to be pretty ruthless in culling all the stuff that doesn’t fit the aesthetic I’m aiming for.

I have a couple of special events that I’ll be doing this month. One is a pre-Christmas warm-up show at 12pm SLT on the 12th December on Gorean Whip Radio, where I’ll be digging up and playing the most cringe worthy and / or WTF Christmas songs I can find. 😀

The other will be a special Christmas Eve show, where I’ll play more traditional Christmas songs. That will also be my last show on Gorean Whip Radio for 2020. Most of the DJs and staff will be going off-air over Christmas and New Year, and I’ll be doing likewise.

I’ll post the recordings of those shows in due course, though the Christmas Eve one may be delayed for reasons which should be obvious. 😉

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