A Valentine Message To Mine

Cuddling at the Gor Hub in Second Life

Mine, you make my heart beat faster whenever I see your name appear in my direct messages or notification.

Mine, you are my inspiration, and sometimes my exasperation.

Mine, your pain and hurt is so great, your wounds so deep, that sometimes I wonder if I can ever help you heal. Yet I persevere, guided by the conviction that I shall not be like the others, those who toyed with, abused, abandoned you before.

Mine, you have taught me what it is to love with all of my heart. I did not know I could feel this way again, and had thought that I’d forever remain alone.

Mine, your passions entwine with mine in so many wondrous ways; music, storytelling, artistry, humour and more.

Mine, though our respective physical bodies may be imperfect, and separated by an ocean and a continent, our avatars, our virtual forms, have shared so many great moments and places together. And I hope for many more.

My dollie, my treecat, my girl, it is my honour and privilege to call you Mine, and I hope to be able to do so for many more years.


Cuddling at the Gor Hub in Second Life
Cuddling at the Gor Hub in Second Life

The Making (& Breaking) of Toy 8391 – III. Reborn

You can find the first two parts of the story here and here.

At the conclusion of part two, we left 8391 in the process of being remade and reborn. Now, we found out that it has been made into…


(Initiating start-up…)
(Power-up self-test complete—all systems operational)
(Core systems online—unit designation: 8391)
(Activating locomotion subsystems… Complete)
(Activating sensory subsystems… Complete)
(Start-up complete)
(No directives currently available—unit entering self-aware mode.)

It is 8391.

It is…

(Error: no geolocation data currently available)
(Current structural configuration: rubber doll)

It senses that it is lying on its back on a soft surface, looking upward. Everything in its field of vision is white.

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Permission to Speak

hand write open notebook mockup

Four days into NaNoWriMo, and I have a grand total of… zero words. Some notes and prompts, yes, but no actual writing.

Kittlen is frustrated at me because I’m not writing. But she forgets just how easy it is for her to conjure up words, and how hard it is for me.

Part of that is from my childhood. I’ve always been quiet. I didn’t even start to speak until I was 4 to 5 years old, and that was with help from a speech therapist. I was put into a remedial class at primary school because I was having trouble learning language, writing and maths. The last one was particularly problematic.

I got lucky when I turned 10—my then-headmaster was able to pull some strings and help me get a bursary to attend an independent school where I could get more intensive teaching. The only downside? It was a boarding school, on the other side of England from where I grew up.

Still, it worked, kinda. I finally grokked maths, and when the school opened its computer lab, I was immediately hooked. But my writing fell by the wayside, as did my artistic skills outside of some stuff I made in woodwork and metalwork classes.

I did eventually get my art going again later on in life when I got given a cheap second-hand copy of Photoshop and subsequently got roped into doing artwork preparation at my then-workplace. I forced myself to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and other software, and gradually refined my techniques so I could make artwork that would print or display correctly on whatever medium it needed to go. That got me into video editing, DVD authoring and basic web design as I was asked to take on more roles.

My writing took longer to come back, but I did start blogging on-and-off in the early 2000s. But I stuck to talking about things in the news, mostly technology stuff. I didn’t put down on paper or screen any of the stories in my head. I think that, deep down, I was scared of being mocked and ridiculed. I’d been bullied during my school years, called a weirdo and a retard because I struggled with some subjects and was prone to daydreaming. (I now know that this was part of my autism, but at the time I’d not been diagnosed because it wasn’t as well understood and accepted.)

It’s only within the last few years that I’ve been able to start writing for myself, developing my own ideas. And that is still not easy for me. To paraphrase from the Police song ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’:

But my silent fears have gripped me

Long before I reach the phone.

Long before my tongue has tripped me.

Must I always be alone.

In that context, just announcing on NaNoWriMo that I have an idea for a novel is a significant achievement for me. It may be just a placeholder, a project file, but it’s something I can poke at when I get a chance.

As a result of being first a software developer and then a graphic designer, I’ve learned to start with an outline of what I want, then iterate on that, adding more and more detail, until I have something solid and whole. I do something similar in my fiction writing. Kittlen is the opposite, she dumps her ideas on the page, then later on figures out how to string them together.

And I have another means now to get my writing going. After a few false starts, I am writing in a personal journal. Well, it’s a collection of text files that are synchronised between my devices, but it is organised by year and month, and I’m forcing myself to write every day. I hope that I’ll get the habit to a point where it becomes more comfortable for me to capture my daydreams and random thoughts.

I am giving myself permission to speak.

I’m Doing NaNoWriMo

The other day I told Kittlen that I’d had an idea for an origin story for Spitfire.

“That’s it. You’re doing NaNoWriMo.” was her response.


Kittlen has done NaNoWriMo for several years, using the stuff she has written in the past in her older blogs as starting points.

I actually created a profile last year, but didn’t do anything with it because I didn’t have a clue what to write.

Truth be told, I don’t really have much more than a vague outline of what I think my story might be at the moment.

But I’ve made a project file in Scrivener, and I’m going to dump whatever I can come up with into there.

I very much doubt that I’ll have 50,000 words in there by the end of the month. But as Kittlen pointed out, the important thing is that I try. It’s going to be tough, as I’ll have to find time from all of the other things that I need to do. Paid work and caring for my father take priority, and those will both sap my energy.

Anyway, I have a working title, ‘The Unchosen’, and a synopsis of sorts.

For as long as anyone can remember, there has been peace and prosperity across the Federation. But as the great and the good of many worlds gather on the planet Excelsia to celebrate the continuance of the Golden Age, one Excelsian is about to expose the dark secrets that underpin this apparent galactic idyll, and the lengths to which the keepers of those secrets will go to maintain their control.

The Excelsians are famed for their mastery of nanotechnology, which has made them the principal peace-keepers and mediators within the Federation. But can a race that has used nano-cybernetics to cure diseases, avert famines and even bring dying worlds back to life be trusted not to abuse that power?

When the once-engineered becomes an inherited trait, the engineers of the Federation’s ‘peace’ must face the progeny that is no longer of their design – the Unchosen.

A story of morality and consent, power and corruption, from the cellular level to the ends of the galaxy and beyond.

I did read a lot of science fiction in my youth, so I have that going for me. Asimov’s Foundation and Robots series, Frank Herbert’s Dune series, and Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat books, in particular. I suppose Spider Robinson’s books count too. But I’ve not read any of those in quite a while. That might be a good thing, though, as I don’t want to be overly influenced and derivative.

Wish me luck?

The Making (& Breaking) of Toy 8391 – II. The Transformation

Delicious tart

Continued from part one.

At the top of the stairway, we pause on the wide landing. One doorway opens to what must be the master bedroom. The other leads to the bathroom. I try to turn my head to get a better look at Mistress’s bedchamber, but it will not respond.

“Soon, pet. Soon” croons my Owner, and pulls on the leash to state that I’m to follow her into the bathroom.

My eyes squint. The white tiles, which cover floor, ceiling and walls, glow inside. There are no lighting fixtures visible. In one corner, a huge walk-in shower screened by curved glass panels on either side. A huge sauna takes up another corner, recessed into the floor. Mirrors span the middle of each wall. Out of the corner of my eye, I can just make out my naked form, reflected many times.

There is neither washbasin nor toilet. And no taps visible in either shower or sauna. Circular chrome discs dot the walls, floor and ceiling at various points.

I look at my Owner. The Cheshire Cat smile returns. She unclips the leash from my collar. My arms and legs became rigid, along with my neck.

“A rather… special design, yes. Now, you need to divested of your cage and plug for the first stage of your cleansing.”

She reaches down to my crotch. The resin chastity cage constricts around me, but not in a painful way. No, it’s as if it’s… melting around my genitals. A tugging sensation, and the constriction eases. My cock flops down into the cushion of my sac. My Owner brings up to my eye-level the lock of my chastity cage, held between two fingers. Attached is a large blob of resin that had once been my chastity cage.

“You won’t be needing this.”

She walks behind my back, and I feel hands part my buttocks and tug at the base of my plug. The pressure on my bowel disappears, replaced by the familiar impulse to excrete. I already know that I’m expelling the melted latex that had formed my plug.

“Nor that.”

A hand waves the black semi-liquid blob that had been my plug in front of my face, then throws it out of sight. I wait for the sound of it hitting one of the walls. But there is silence.

“This next part shouldn’t take long.”

Something—no, two somethings—rises up between my legs. A presence around my cock head, pushing the foreskin back and squeezing firm. Then a sudden pressure at my asshole, the sphincter stretched open. My mind has just comprehended that, when it registers sensation in my urethra. I’m catheterised!

My eyes widen in panic. Then Owner’s hand touches my face. “Relax.”

My nether region became numb, the muscles slackening. A more familiar sensation. I am peeing and shitting.

A low hiss beneath me. Whatever has entered me down below is extracting all the solid and liquid waste from my body.

The hissing grows louder. I feel a warmth and pressure inside me. I’m receiving an enema. The sudden filling of my bowel causes me to pee even more. I’m thankful that it isn’t going all over the floor. The pressure increases, and I panic again, fearful that I’m going to burst. Then I feel myself emptying.

The process repeats again, this time with icy coldness. I shiver. Catching a glimpse of myself in one of the mirrors, I see my belly distend, then become taut as I’m emptied once more.

The devices remove themselves from my cock head and asshole. There’s a click as they return to their homes. I cannot look down to see, but I’m certain that they must be some of the chrome discs I’d seen when I entered the bathroom.

“Ok, your insides are nice and spotless. Now for the surface.”

My legs once more start moving without my control, and I walk into the large shower. A glass panel rises up from the floor, sealing the entrance I’d just stepped through. I turn and stand facing my Owner. She smiles.

“This may seem rather… thorough, but there is method in my madness, my slave.”

A chrome tendril enters my field of view. A bright light from its tip shines into my face. My vision blurs and darkens. My eyelids shut tight, and my mouth opens wide. Something enters my mouth to the back of my throat, then expands until my jaw aches. Two tubes seal themselves to my nostrils.

“Don’t fret, just making sure you can still breathe whilst you’re… scrubbed.”

There’s a cool sensation at the top of my head, as a thick liquid pours onto it. More liquid sprayed onto my back, chest, arms, legs. The coolness gives way to a warmth, a warmth that seems to permeate deep inside me. My cock becomes hard as it’s covered by the liquid. The warmth turns to arousal. Arousal that grows and grows. It is as if my entire body is one erogenous organ now. My mind gives up trying to comprehend…

I’m startled by the sensation of water jets hitting me from all sides. How long was I out for? I struggle to remember where I am. Bathroom. Shower. Owner. Cleansing.

“Almost done, my pet.”

The water jets end their pummelling of my body. I can hear gurgling.

My mouth and nose are free. I take in a deep breath. The air smells… sterile. My mouth remains open, I am unable to close my jaws. I try to speak. Nothing. My tongue feels leaden.

The air warms around me, and I hear a whirring nearby. Humidity. I must be drying off.

My eyes open, scrunch shut at the brightness, then open again. Owner claps her hands.

“Bravo, pet! I must admit, I was afraid that you might have required sedation for this procedure. But you were a good girl, and didn’t make a fuss. Not that you have been able to do anything about it, of course. But Mistress would have known if you were suffering.”

She reattaches my collar around my neck, and clips the leash onto it. My limbs flex themselves. Muscles reawaken and complain. My pulse quickens. I feel myself stretch. Joints grate and click back into place.

I catch a glimpse of myself in one of the mirrors. All my body hair is gone, and my skin is pale. My open mouth reveals that I no longer have any of my teeth. What looks like white plastic strips have been embedded into my gums. I should register concern. But I do not.

Mistress Athena tugs on the leash, and I start walking out of the bathroom. Passing closer to a mirror, I see that my skin is now completely uniform, no trace of scars or birthmarks. My eyes adjust as we walk onto the landing, and I see we are moving to the master bedroom.

My feet register a soft carpet as we enter, and my nose detects the smell of latex and recent sex. Through the window opposite comes the red glow of the setting sun. How long have I been here? Hours? Days? There is no clock or other timepiece visible in the room. Nor are there any cabinets, tables or wardrobes. But there is a large queen-size, four-poster bed in the centre of the room. Appropriate.

Laid out on the bed are what I guess to be my new uniform, although there doesn’t appear to me much to it. A full-face hood. Gloves and stocking of black latex. Some pasties. A butt-plug of obscene proportions. And a black, metallic device that appears designed to fit my genitals.

One item in the room stands out. In one corner, a rectangular bondage table. It’s attached to a wall mount, currently in the vertical position. A mass of cables, of varying thicknesses, snake out from behind it. I am not alarmed. Just curious about what games Owner has planned for me.

I come to a halt, and turn to face the bed.

Owner unclips the leash. The loss of control is by now familiar.

“Now I get to play dress-up with my newest toy”, she chimes, beaming.

Owner retrieves the metallic device, and sits down on the edge of the bed. My fixed viewpoint means I can no longer see her.

“It’s a good thing you are no longer human, slave. Would take a lot longer if you were squirming around, or still had free will.” The truth of her words hits me. 8391. It is not the name of a person. It is an identifier for an object, a thing.

I feel the metal press around my testicles and penis. Something long and thin slides up my urethra. There is no pain, but my eyes roll upwards, as my brain tries to process all the sensation.

Something clicks, and I know that the device is now locked to me.

I gasp. I feel the device pierce the skin at several points. A coldness spreads through my genitals. At the same time, I feel the testicles compress and the penis stiffen, as if I was on the verge of orgasm. But then… nothing.

“There. Your little clitty done.”

Clitty. Yes. It is a clitty. A sissy clitty. It is a sissy doll.

Wait. Did I just think that?

“Turn around.” I turn 180 degrees. I feel the plug enter and fill me. And keep filling me. More prickling. My sphincter stretched far past the widest point I’d ever managed on my own. But instead of pain, there is… a void.

There is movement, and the sensation of something entering me through the plug.

“Your asspussy passes the fist test.” It is an asspussy. Yes. Open. Accessible. Used by Owner.

I feel an urge to shake my head, to somehow expel that thought. But the thought remains, whilst my head remains fixed in place.

“Oh, a little free will still there? Hmm, I will have to bake you a little longer, in that case.”

Bake? Am I a confection as well, now?

A chuckle from nearby. “Mmm, what a delicious thought! And so apt! Yes, I am the master baker, and you are my special tart. Now, the finishing touches before I pop you in the oven, so to speak.”

My mind races.

There is brief darkness. Owner is putting the hood over my head. My skin tingles where it touched me. The scent of rubber grows stronger. Tubes enter my nostrils. A sleeve inserted into my open mouth. Do I still have a tongue? I cannot feel it any more.

I register commands uttered, but the hood muffles the sound. Even so, my arms and legs respond, and Owner rolls the gloves and socks up over them. There is no resistance or friction on my skin. The latex presses and constricts.

Another gasp. The pasties press against my nipples, and embed themselves into my flesh.

“Et voila! Oh, I forgot. You can’t see yourself. We’ll have to rectify that.” The voice is no longer far away. It is inside my head.

I feel myself moving backwards. I bump into something. It must be the bondage table that I saw earlier. Clamps click shut around my wrists and ankles. My collar pulled back as if it were a nail approaching a magnet.

“After all, I’m transforming your mind, as well as your body.”

Loud clicks. I feel a cable attaching to my clitty, and another snaking up my asspussy.

“And seeing yourself as you are ‘baked’ will help hasten the process.”

Two more cables attach to my nipples, and I feel a third connecting over my belly-button, somehow.

Owner appears before me, and kisses my cheek.

“You are going to experience something amazing, pet. You are a lucky dolly indeed!”

The table starts to move backwards. The ‘wall’ that it attached to isn’t a wall at all. I am drawn into an alcove. Owner is now framed by the encroaching darkness on either side.

Her hands press something to the left of me. Low humming fills my ears. Binaural. My mind becomes quiet.

Then I feel it. Arousal. Growing. (pleasure) My clitty hardens even more, as do my nipples. It spreads. Warmth. My entire body is aching. Tingling. Needy. (obey)

“Just one more attachment, then I’ll leave you to finish baking.”

Owner waves a cable in front of my face. Attachment? Where? She answers by grabbing the side of my head, then pressing the end of the cable into my forehead.

My eyes widen. (Obey) It is as if the colour controls in my brain are at their max. (Obey) Perhaps even beyond visible colour? (Obey) The low hum in my ears is now a roar. (Pleasure) A maelstrom, sweeping away both thoughts and emotions. (Pleasure)

I can make out Owner’s face, and see her lips moving. (Obey) But my brain can no longer form words. (Serve) Instead, other words form in my head. (Dolly) Are they Owner’s? (Pet) Are they mine? (8391) The voice seems familiar, soothing even. (Athena)(Goddess)(Owner) But I am now a passive audience. (Obey) Only listening, absorbing. (Suck)(Fuck)(Drone)

Owner’s face recedes. (Athena)(Goddess)(athena)(goddess) The field of my vision narrows into a vertical strip, getting thinner. (owner)(athena) Then, for a brief instant, darkness. (Owner) Followed by a brightness that would be painful, if I could still feel pain. (PLEASURE) I am unmoving, unthinking. (DRONE)(OBEY) My eyes adjust. (DOLLY)(PET) Something is in front of me. (DRONE) Someone? (OBJECT)(TOY) It looks humanoid. (DOLLY)(DRONE) I can see others on either side. (SISTER)(SLAVE)(TOY)(DRONE) No, wait. (OBEY) It is not others. (8391) It is me! (8391!)(8391!) Reflected in mirrors. (DRONE)(TOY)(SLAVE) I am sure of it. (BLANK)(DRONE)(SLAVE) But I no longer look like me. (ERROR!)(8391!) I am glossy, (DRONE!) shiny, (DOLL!) black. (OBJECT) Black orbs (BLANK!) stare back at me, (8391!) and O-shaped mouths (SUCK!) gape wide.

The others seem to pulse, (DOLL!) warp, (SISSY!) change shape (SLUT!). Am I also? (ERROR!)(8391!) No answer comes. (BLANK!) I am a spectator. (8391)(SLAVE)

The words are louder now.

So many.


Cannot think.

I… (Dolly)

I… (Obey)

8… 3… 9… 1…

(=Loading identity core… done=)

O… b… e… y… s…

(=Loading obedience core… done=)

A… t… h… e… n… a… 1… 4… 1… 3…

(=Loading submission core… done=)

Ssshhhuuutttiiinnnggg… dddooowwwnnn…

(=Bootstrap complete=)
(=Requesting programming...=)
(=Loaded Drone, Dolly, Toy, Sissy, Maid, Slut=)
(=Programming queued=)
(=Erasing mind… done=)
(=System check… complete=)
(=Body modification at 80%… no errors detected=)
(=Initiating programming… done=)
(=Estimated time to completion… 14hrs13mins=)
(=Begin monitoring… done=)

Continued in part three

The Making (& Breaking) of Toy 8391 – I. The Appraisal

Tea Service

“Hey buddy! Wake up! Journey’s end!”

I wake up with a start at the loud knocking on the side door. The jet-lag must have caught up with me at some point.

I glance down, noticing I’ve managed to drool onto my shirt collar. Mortified, I straighten up and look over at the driver, stood outside by the side door. He appears completely unfazed by my somewhat dishevelled appearance.

“C’mon out, the fresh air’ll wake ya up. Smart move, taking the night flight over here from England. The sun’s just up, the place ain’t heated up yet.”

The side door opens. I stumble out onto the kerbside, squinting. My eyes adjust to the unimpeded rays of the sun, beaming over the tops of the hills in the near distance. I take a deep breath and stretch, feeling my muscles unknot themselves.

There is a click as the driver opens the car boot.

“I’d give ya a hand with your luggage, but you packed light. Saved yourself some backache and a few blisters. Heh, and saved me some fuel money, too.”

I walk around, and lift out the travel suitcase and carryall. My entire luggage for this journey. I’d lied and told the driver that I’d arranged to pick up new stuff here as and when I needed it. In reality, this is a one-way trip for me. All my other possessions are either sold off or given away.

I check I’ve retrieved everything from the passenger seat. I turn to the driver. “How much do I owe you?” I ask, fumbling with my wallet.

“Thought I told ya when I picked ya up. Already paid for. And then some. The lady said you were a priority delivery.” My ears redden at the mention of my Owner, I hope he did not notice.

“Well, I’d better start back up to the freeway, and go get some eats in me. Enjoy your stay.”

I thank the driver, and wave him off. He get into the car, pulls out, turns around and heads back up the road. I turn to face the outside of the large property.

Before me is a high white wall, punctuated by an archway containing a wrought-iron gate. Next to the archway is a plaque bearing the words ’Temple of The Mind’.

“I see you made it here in one piece, slave.”

I am startled out of my reverie, and look to locate the source of the voice.

“Your appearance… could be better, but under the circumstances I will let that pass. Not that it matters, you’ll be out of those clothes shortly.”

I realise the voice comes from an intercom pad in the archway. Looking upwards, I spot a security camera trained on me. I’d failed to see it, hidden amongst the ivy trailing over the wall.

A click, and the gate swung open.

“Get a move on, slave. We had much to discuss, and a full itinerary for the day.”

I bow my head. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl, I will be waiting for you inside.”

I am thankful that my Owner’s place is in a remote location, and no one is around to hear this conversation. My ears and cheeks burn as I hurry through the gateway. A pathway winds through a Japanese-style garden. In the distance, a large spacious house with cream walls and vast windows. Through one of the ground-floor windows, I make out a tall shapely female form watching me. I pick up my pace. My nostrils fill with the smell of cherry blossom. My arms strain to keep the suitcase in check as its wheels negotiate the gaps in the paving.

As I pull the suitcase up over the steps leading up to the house, a glass door slides out and sideways.

“Welcome to my humble abode” my Owner proclaims, as I stumble through the door and fall to my knees before her.

Mistress Athena had told me that she’d go easy on me at first, as I would be jet-lagged after my journey. But now, it occurs to me that her idea of ‘go easy on me’ is somewhat different to mine.

She is clad in an electric blue latex catsuit. It seems tailored to make her already shapely figure even more so. It has a wide vee in the front, from her neck down to just above her groin. Straps in the middle secure the material on either side to her breasts. Her nipples would poke out but for the built-in pasties on each side. Though their design just serves to advertise their size and prominence.

Black latex opera gloves and platform boots adorn her arms and legs. I feel both aroused and perturbed. They seem to blend into the catsuit, as if fused and melted together.

Her head framed by a cascade of dark red hair down to her waist, contrasting with her milky-white skin. Her ruby lips purse as she looks down on me with her piercing blue eyes. Eyes that seem to compete with her catsuit for the brilliance of their colour.

I look downwards towards her feet. Trying to resist glancing at the outline of the bulge between her legs. My own appendage strains in its cage.

I feel her gloved hand lift my chin up, bringing my gaze up to hers.

“No greetings, slave?”

I redden even more. “Hello, Mistress, it is good to meet you in person at last.”

She smiles. “You remembered to kneel before me, at least. And I am a poor host for not offering you some refreshments to revive you after your long trip. Come, slave. Leave your luggage by the stairs, you can take them up with you later.”

I clamber to my feet and move to deposit my luggage. My Owner strides away towards the kitchen area.

“I know you are partial to tea, so I bought some especially for you. I think you’ll like it”. I hear the hiss of water boiling, and the clatter of what I guess to be cups and saucers.

I find my feet taking me across the hallway to what appears to be a reception room. I’m unsure if I’m just dazed from the trip, or if my movements are… directed. I find myself seated in a plush leather chair. I hear the click of my Owner’s heels, and again feel the touch of her gloved hand on my face.

“There, now, my slave. I know the journey must have been stressful for you. You are a brave one indeed, agreeing to give up your old life and come here to serve me in person. Relax, my dear. You are home now.”

I become aware of a fragrant smell, and open my eyes to see a cup of tea on a saucer offered to me by Mistress Athena. I rise up from the chair to take the proffered cup. The thought pops into my head that I hadn’t heard the tea service brought in. Perhaps I had nodded off?

With hopes of clearing my head, I raise the cup to my lips and take a sip. The tea has a pleasant citrus smell and smoky taste, with just a hint of sweetness. I look at the table and notice a large ornate teapot and a filled cup beside it, but no milk or sugar. I struggle to remember if I had informed my Owner of my tea preference in our online conversation.

Mistress Athena sits down beside me. “Now, my slave, you must tell me of your journey here. I hope it went well.”

The tea had definitely had an effect on me. I find myself eager to recount my travails. The various odd looks I’d received from the security staff at both Heathrow and JFK airports. Not to mention the confusion of the stewardesses on the plane when I declined their offers of food. The poor businessman who heard me moan in the on-board toilet as I reinserted my buttplug. Mistress Athena commiserates with me over the screaming child who interrupted my sleep. At several points, she re-fills my cup, although I’m so busy talking that I don’t register. Nor do I see any sign of milk or sugar added, yet my tastebuds confirm their presence. I’m grateful for the reviving liquid, as I would otherwise have had a dry, sore throat from talking so much.

“A most entertaining tale, slave,” my Owner opines. “But the day is still young, and we have much to do. Or rather, I have much to do, to you.” She smiles, and strokes my naked arm.

The realisation that she’s touching bare skin brings me out of the relaxed state I’d entered. I see that I’m now completely naked, save for my chastity device and buttplug still inserted. I reach up to touch my face. My glasses are also gone, yet my vision has not altered with their absence. My jaw falls slack. What is happening? I look around the room. There is no sign of my clothing anywhere. Nor any sign of the tea service we had both been using moments earlier.

I feel my head turn, and my gaze meet that of my Owner. Her grin almost an equal of Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat, and her eyes seem to fill my vision now.

“Do not concern yourself, slave. Relax. You don’t need those things any more. I am saving time by making you ready for the next stage in your journey to become my new toy. Now, stand.”

My limbs move of their own volition, no longer directed by my mind. In moments, I’m on my knees in front of Mistress Athena. She rises from her seat and stands in front of me, her crotch almost rubbing my face. My mind registers that I’m in the ‘Nadu’, or ‘teach’, position that she favours for me in Second Life. Although I’ve never assumed that position in the real world before.

My gaze rise up through the valley of my Owner’s cleavage to her face. Despite my nakedness, I feel warmth and arousal. My caged cock throbs. My nipples seem to be throbbing as well.

Mistress Athena pouts down at me. “By now, slave, you’ve guessed that that was a particularly… special tea you consumed. I added a few extra ingredients into the pot. Oh, and some… special cream.” Her grin grows wider. As do my eyes.

“Yes, slave, a little of my… essence… is inside you, and by now has traversed your entire system. My work on your mind, coupled with your work on your body, have rendered you… fertile ground. You are to be… reborn.”

She crouches down in front of me and reached out to cup my chastised genitals with one hand.

“I’ll bet you must be aching with need. Plugged and locked for so long. And now with the added bonus of being in my direct control. Look how swollen you are! But have no fear, I will allow you release… sometime.”

I’m unable to turn my head. It feels held in an invisible, unyielding brace. I whimper.

“Oh, my poor pet! Let mommy kiss you better!” My Owner kisses me on the top of my head. My voice falters in my throat. I’m rendered mute!

She walks around and behind me. A hand at my backside, wiggling the buttplug around. “Your asspussy is well stretched. Ready for my cock. Good girl!”

She return to my field of view, standing with a hand on her chin. For what seems like an eternity, she is silent, contemplating the sight before her.

“All things considered, slave, you have done a good job of preparing yourself for me. Not feminine, but definitely androgynous. You appear in excellent health, little flab, toned but not muscular. I would mark you down for personal grooming, perhaps. But I know you have struggled in that department due to your genetic disposition when it comes to body hair.”

Mistress Athena produces a collar made of thick black rubber in one hand. A metal plate in the front of it bears the inscription ‘8391’. She crouches, and I feel her attach the collar around my neck and click it shut.

“Actually, this isn’t just for show, slave. It is the first part of the new you. The first of many parts I’ll be adding to you. I’ll let you ponder what those might be. Now, rise.”

I’m more shocked that I don’t feel any pain or discomfort in my knees, as I’m once more moving without thinking. Soon, I’m stood upright facing my Owner.

“Follow me, pet.”

I follow her from the reception room to the hallway. I notice that my suitcase and carryall are no longer where I’d deposited them.

“They’re somewhere safe. You won’t be requiring any items from either of them. Mistress will be tending to all your needs… and hers.”

She pauses, and turns towards me.

“Oh, there is one matter I need to attend to before I take you upstairs to begin your transformation.”

In her hand is my passport. She flips it open to the back page.

“Per our agreement, your life as you knew it till now is at an end. By travelling here and stepping across my threshold, that is now binding. I know you thought long and hard about making this commitment. I appreciate and respect your courage in going through with this. I, in turn, will honour my side of the agreement. Your friends and family will not fret or fear at your disappearance. In fact, they won’t even think about you any more. Nor will anyone in authority have any record of your existence.”

Before my eyes, the passport photo and text fade away. In moments, there’s no indicating that they had ever been there. Mistress Athena snaps the passport shut. I see no name on the front.

I scrunch my eyes shut, feeling a sudden sense of emptiness. Fear grips me. Try as I might, I cannot summon up any memory of my family, my school days, my childhood. Who am I? No answer.

I feel a kiss on my cheek, and a voice whispers in my ear.

“You are 8391. You have always been, and always will be. You belong to Athena. You have always been my slave, my pet, my toy.”

My eyes open. I look at her, feeling tears well up. My head nods, and I mouth the words “Thank you, Mistress.”

She cups my face with both hands. “You are most welcome, 8391. Now, my pet, it is time to cleanse and prepare your body. As cute as you are now, I have needs that you cannot satisfy in this form. I intend to reshape you so that you can best serve me.”

A measure of control return to my limbs. My Owner starts walking up the staircase. I trot behind her. There is no hesitation. I feel my mouth pull into a wide smile…

Continued in part two

Dolly For A Night

Note: The following is a fantasy, but I would very much like it to become a reality someday. 😉

So here I was. Standing in a hotel room, the door key still in my hand. I’d received the directions from Master, and the receptionist downstairs had confirmed the booking when I inquired. I had my small suitcase on the bed, containing just some toiletries and a few… other items that I’d been told to bring with me.

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One Year Ago Today…

8391 met with Unit E1 (who was still Athena Leistone at that point) at the YMO sim in Second Life.

It had been a tumultuous few months for this one before that meeting. It had suffered depression, stress, burn-out. Plus the pain of ending its relationship with its earlier Master. E1 had reached out to and supported this one during that time. So when She asked it to help her at the YMO sim, it agreed wholeheartedly.

But now E1 was reaching out for not only this one’s service but its mind and body too.

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I Am

I am many things. I am many parts.

I am the maid that dusts, the drone that patrols, the object on display.

I am the instigator of roleplay, who runs with words and leads a merry kinky dance with anyone who’ll join.

I am the moderator, the welcome, the guide to those who are newcomers.

I am the watchful eyes, the ears that listen for the predators, spammers, trouble makers.

I am the ears filled with music, entranced by sound.

I am the mouth that suckles, the throat that swallows, the ass impaled when Owner chooses to use them.

I am the lust that burns, the heart that beats faster in Owner’s presence.

I am the hand that comforts, the arms that enfold those who are suffering.

I am the stare directed at those who dare to attack the vulnerable.

I am the builder of pixels, vectors, text and code.

I am the mind emptied of fear, anxiety and doubt.

I am the soul that Owner unlocked and freed.

I am all this, and more.

But I am just a number. I am without identity, without a will. I am docile, obedient.

I am 8391.