Advance Notice: I’ll Be Disconnecting This Blog from on 1st February


I’ve been mulling this over for a while now, since before the New Year, but now I’m ready to go through with it.

This blog has always been self-hosted, but was subsequently linked to via the Jetpack plugin as a means to make my blogging life somewhat easier.

However, it turns out that is a Pain In The Posterior when used in this manner, both to get the integration fully working on my blog and to manage at WordPress’s end. I’m singularly unimpressed with their apps for Mac and iOS, and ended up going back to writing posts directly in my browser. And while I could use the WordPress apps to read other folk’s blogs, I already use Inoreader for that, which has the advantage of not being limited to just WordPress sites.

I am aware that I have quite a few folks who do use WordPress to subscribe to updates from my blog, and I don’t want to leave you guys behind. One option you have is to use the RSS feed for my site to stay updated — there are lots of apps and services you can use to do that, I personally use Inoreader but there’s also Feedly which is probably the best-known service. The alternative would a newsletter, but that would require some extra work to set up at my end.

So tell me, dear readers — which option do you prefer? If there’s enough interest, I’ll set up the newsletter and invite you to sign up for that.

Cutting the cord with will mean several fewer things for me to deal with here, and right now I’m all about simplifying my online life as much as possible.


  1. Your blog confuses me. Usually I just click the blog title in the mailbox and get swooshed to the correct article … not so with your blog. I must click on your name and go from there. All very weird.
    Please tell me what will be your new blog home? I, too, can’t wait to get away from WP.

    1. That sounds to me more like a problem with the messages sends out, than my blog. Another reason to cut out the middleman.

      My blog isn’t going anywhere, it’ll stay at this address and running on a self-hosted WordPress installation for the time being. It just won’t have any of the stuff attached to it, so folks who receive my updates through there won’t anymore.

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