Spiffy @ Burnstock – 25/07/2020

This past Saturday, following my DJ show at Coghaven the previous day, I did a performance at BURN2 in Second Life as part of their Burnstock weekend, which was raising money towards supporting the region and funding their Big Burn in October. Like many real-world events, the annual Burning Man had to be cancelled dueContinue reading “Spiffy @ Burnstock – 25/07/2020”

Spiffy @ City of Coghaven – 24/07/2020

The City of Coghaven, a gathering point for robotic and doll avatars and the people who enjoy their company, is celebrating its 11th anniversary with a week of events. I was asked if I could DJ on the opening day of the celebration last Friday by Silverrain Sucettes, the CEO and owner of the region.Continue reading “Spiffy @ City of Coghaven – 24/07/2020”

This or That Challenge

I forget who brought this to my attention, but I came across this challenge that Strawberry Linden posted to the Second Life Community Forums back in April where she provided a graphic template for people to fill in showing a summary of their Second Life existence. Since I really need to blog here more often,Continue reading “This or That Challenge”

Spiffy’s Birthday Special Show – 08/07/2020

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday in Real Life, so I decided to go find out what was the UK No.1 single for this week in each year since I was born. 🙂 Some gems in there, plus a few surprises. Also, a lot of ‘WTF?’ songs, which I decided not to play. Though I mightContinue reading “Spiffy’s Birthday Special Show – 08/07/2020”

Spiffy’s Sunday Supplement – 05/07/2020

First off, apologies for the radio silence (pun intended) most of last week — I wasn’t feeling well, so didn’t do my mid-week show. Also, I’m late posting this because I forgot to do this on Monday. Bite me, I’m allowed senior moments! 😛 Anyways, here’s Sunday’s show recording plus tracklisting. Unfortunately, one song decidedContinue reading “Spiffy’s Sunday Supplement – 05/07/2020”