2020 State Of The Alien

Yuletide Spiffy on New Year's Eve

I’ve already posted a review of my real-world situation over the past year, so I won’t repeat myself here. This is going to focus on what I’ve been up to in Second Life and on Gorean Whip Radio.

Overall, this year has been… okay. While I did achieve a lot in terms of DJ sets and broadcasting, I’m acutely aware that my output has been reduced due to anxiety and depression, which resulted in my skipping shows and not applying for some events.

My plan to relearn Blender, so that I can build mesh creations for Second Life, stalled. Likewise with my attempt at starting a podcast. Both of those are things I’m going to tackle again in 2021.

I am, however, very pleased that I managed to score three appearances at BURN2 this year, as well as a set at SL17B. I also represented Gorean Whip Radio at the Sci-Fi Con and Sci-Fi Expo, and did a few special DJ sets elsewhere too. Furthermore, I already have my first gig of the New Year pencilled in for the end of January at BURN2’s Winter Burn festival, and I’m hoping to add SL18B to my tally along with Second Pride, both Sci-Fi Con and Expo, and a few others that I’m eyeing up. 🙂

Gorean Whip Radio has grown this year, with several new DJs joining along with some former DJs and staff who’ve returned to the fold. I’ve been helping out with advertising production, and enjoying the fact that I’m no longer out in the sticks on the schedules. 🙂

My personal Second Life situation hasn’t changed that much this year, aside from my name change. I still have my Linden Houseboat along with a private land parcel, and my personal DJ stream is paid up. I’ve added a second DJ stream in case the original one ever goes down on me.

The one major change has been in my spending habits — I succeeded in putting myself on a shopping moratorium a few months ago while I cleaned up my inventory. That has given me the time and space to evaluate what I’ve been spending money on over the years, and frankly a lot of it is either not that great, no longer fits me, or was an impulse purchase that I never really used. The result has been dramatic! I’ve shed a lot of inventory, as well as most of the shopping groups I belonged to. And I’ve resolved to only spend money of stuff that fits the aesthetic that I’m aiming for now, and that’ll be useful enough to justify the expense.

Sadly, that does mean that a lot of my alternate avatars have been mothballed. While they were fun to put together, I hardly ever touch them these days, as I prefer to present myself as the blue rainbow-speckled alien. And darlings, when you look this fabulous, it’d be a crime not to flaunt it at all times! 😀

I did consider doing an early New Year’s Day show, but the logistics of getting up before dawn here in the UK, plus the fact that not many people will be tuned into Gorean Whip Radio at that time, put paid to that idea. So, I’ll be kicking off 2021 at 12pm SL tomorrow, and playing tunes to hopefully get people into the right spirit. 🙂

And I’ll definitely be blogging more here in 2021. I feel bad about the radio silence (pun intended) about my Second Life, so I’m going to make more effort to keep this blog updated at least a few times a month.

Happy New Year everyone!


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  1. I can’t really say that I understand depression in the slightest way but I heard from people how debilitating and paralyzing that condition is for your personal life. So I wish you all the best medicaments, therapies and whatever can help to get you out of that hole.

    Have a spectacular slide into the new year!

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