2020 SL Sci-Fi Expo Starts Today :)

Spiffy posing by the Main Stage at SL Sci-Fi Expo

I’ve been a very busy alien the last few days! The 2020 Sci-Fi Expo is happening from the 14th to the 28th October, and Gorean Whip Radio is the official station for the event. In previous years it has been help around November / December time, so I was caught off-guard when Irish Breen informed me that it was happening this month! 😮

This year they’re raising money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

I’ve booked some performance slots to do my radio shows from the event, on Sunday 18th and Sunday 25th, and I’m also involved in the opening ceremony today, providing music from 12pm to 1pm SLT. 🙂

In addition to performing, I’ve also been involved in producing promos to play on Gorean Whip Radio during the Sci-Fi Expo and getting them into circulation.

Here’s the link to get to the Main Stage area — I hope to see some of you later today. 🙂 Thanks to Melina Firehawk and Benjamin Brougham from the Sci-Fi Expo team for their assistance in getting things organized.

I’ll post a tracklisting tomorrow of what I played, and blogging more about the event over the next fortnight.

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