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Feeling Blue

Apologies for the lengthy silence. Unfortunately, the ongoing flaming-clown-car-crash that is the UK Government and its attempts to foist a rubbish Brexit deal onto an unwilling Parliament (and by extension the British people) has sapped my spirits this month. We should have had a General Election by now, but for their own selfish reasons the Conservatives are clinging to power and refusing to recognise their disfunction.

I’ve been keeping busy as best I can, mainly so I’m distracted from the news. But my anxiety and depression have affected my relationship with Kittlen. It doesn’t help that she’s experiencing a lot of negative emotions herself currently due to the pain she’s in, plus her worries over making the payments on her car and paying her other bills.

I’ve had to step away a few times in order to avoid being overwhelmed by her suffering. Being an empath really sucks sometimes. And she has had to give me space when I’ve not been feeling sociable. A couple of times now, I’ve walked away so that I wouldn’t blow up in her face.

Exacerbating these problems has been the small matter of Daylight Saving Time. The USA and Canada put their clocks forward at the beginning of March, and the UK and Europe put theirs forward at the end of March. So, for a three-week window, our time together has been shortened at one end of the day and lengthened at the other. I had to move the time of my weekly show on Gorean Whip Radio so that I could guarantee to be on-air. As Second Life time is linked to the Pacific West Coast, the times of events there have also been shifted for me for the last three weeks.

There were some upsides, though. Doing my Whip show two hours later meant that I got to hand over to Tristan, whose show started immediately after mine on Wednesdays, and I could catch the starts of his shows plus Mexli’s rock show. I was also able to comfortably cover for Kittlen at CFNM a couple of Sundays, as I wasn’t in danger of losing sleep due to staying up late. She needed the break, as the pain she’s in has affected her ability to DJ. I even got to spend time with her at Boudiccea on Fridays, which I’d normally have to forego as it wouldn’t start until midnight my time.

I’ve also been blessed by the generous support of a great patron at my weekly residency You Must Dance, which has helped ensure that my Second Life land rental is covered for the next three months.

Now that we’re (sort of) back in synch, I’m hoping that things between myself and Kittlen can improve. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that the Brexit impasse is resolved in a way that doesn’t involve Britain crashing out of the European Union. We’ve both discussed the possibility of my emigrating to Canada, but in order to do that I’ll need to make sure I’ve got enough money to cushion the impact. Oh well, Keep Calm & Carry On, I guess.

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