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The Making (& Breaking) of Toy 8391 – III. Reborn

You can find the first two parts of the story here and here.

At the conclusion of part two, we left 8391 in the process of being remade and reborn. Now, we found out that it has been made into…


(Initiating start-up…)
(Power-up self-test complete—all systems operational)
(Core systems online—unit designation: 8391)
(Activating locomotion subsystems… Complete)
(Activating sensory subsystems… Complete)
(Start-up complete)
(No directives currently available—unit entering self-aware mode.)

It is 8391.

It is…

(Error: no geolocation data currently available)
(Current structural configuration: rubber doll)

It senses that it is lying on its back on a soft surface, looking upward. Everything in its field of vision is white.

(Error: no date / time signal currently available)
(Error: no data log found - this unit is in post-manufacturing state)

It is new. A brand new unit.

(Error: no appearance data available)
(New self-directive: analyse appearance)

It sits up. It is in the middle of a queen-size bed.

It sees its legs. Long, glossy. Feet configured as ballet boots.

It brings its hands into view. Smooth, glossy.

It looks down and sees that it has huge titties. It cups them with its hand. They are firm, capped by large nipples.

It releases its right titty and feels between its legs. A vertical slit parted wide. Large clit protruding from engorged labia.

(Arousal mode currently disabled)

It detects a tall mirror on one side of the room.

(Observation device located)

Its movements become automated as it turns and positions itself. It rises from the bed and stands, then walks to the mirror.

The object looking back at it from the mirror is glossy black, made of rubber. It is a rubber doll. Besides the fuck hole between its legs, it has a second fuck hole on its face. Above black lenses, the number ‘8391’ embossed into the object’s forehead. Huge titties and bubble butt emphasised further by its narrow waist.

It turns around and notes that it has a third fuck hole nestled between its butt cheeks.

It ceases movement. Filled with a sense of anticipation. It falls to its knees.

“Welcome back, 8391.”

A figure steps into view.

(Unit designation: 1413)
(Unit status: Dominant)
(This unit belongs to 1413)
(Submissive mode engaged)
(Arousal mode engaged)

Its fuck holes open wide and start dripping lubricant.

“You’re pleased to see me again,” beams Owner. Like the room, She is white. White skin, white hair, white robe, white eyes, white smile. But its attention focusses on Her erect cock. It pulses and throbs. It is the centre of the Universe.

“And I must say, you’ve turned out just as I’d hoped! We are going to have so much fun together. But first, I need to run some tests on you, and check that you’re baked.”

(Communication processor activated)

It has questions. So many questions. And a burning need. A need to obey. A need to serve. A need to give pleasure.

“Good, we will begin. Fellate me.”

It shuffles over to Owner and takes hold of Her cock and guides it to its secondary fuck hole. It then places its hand on Owner’s buttocks and presses its face forward and down onto Her cock. There is no resistance due to the copious lubrication, and its face meets Owner’s groin.

(Engage suction… engaged)
(Engage vibration… engaged)

It begins pumping Owner’s cock in and out of its fuck hole. Slurping and oozing lubricant onto its titties. It has no thoughts, it is a cock-sucking machine. It hears Owner moan. “Mmm, good, Mine. But I’m not cumming in you just yet. Activate face-fuck mode.”

It stops moving, Owner’s cock still half inside its fuck hole. Its hands fall to its side, as it becomes completely passive. Handlebars form on either side of its head, which Owner takes hold of. She proceeds to pound its face against Her groin, the room echoing with the loud slaps.

“Need to stress-test those holes of yours, Toy” grunts Owner. Her nude body gleaming as She steps away from it. A string of lubricant mixed with Her precum stretches from the tip of Owner’s cock to its gaping fuck hole. “I’d say that one passes. Now, get on the bed, face down, ass up.”

Its body obeys, assuming the position. Its other two holes gaping and winking at Owner.

“Hehe, my eager fuck toy, your programming is working well” proclaims Owner. She straddles and enters its asspussy. “Now, arousal to the max, I want to hear you moan like the slut you are.”

(Vocal protocol activated)

It hears words issue forth. “Yes Mistress, it is your toy, it exists for use, for fucking, please fuck this unit.”

Owner leans forward. Grasping and pawing its titties. Nails digging in as She slams into the toy’s ass. It thrusts back against Her.

It fills with a sense of elation. It is obeying, it is serving its Owner, it is performing its function.

“Getting. Close. Toy” gasps Owner. She pulls out of its ass and flips it over onto its back. “Time to breed you, and make you Mine.”

Its legs pulled back, feet touching either side of its head. Owner lowers Herself onto the doll, Her cock filling it, Her tits squashed against its. It moans, feeling connected to its Owner. A long prehensile tongue snakes out of it face hole and wraps around one of Owner’s nipples.

“Yes! Worship me! Receive my blessing into you!” Owner shouts, as Her balls tense and She cums inside it.

(Sensory Overload Detected!)

Its vision and hearing turn to static. Its limbs spasm. Its tongue lolls. Its vocal processor wails.


It senses its body heating up, Owner’s cum seeming to suffuse its entire being. 

<You are Mine now, 8391. My beautiful fuck toy.>

Recognition. Those words are not its words. Owner is inside its mind.

(Owner? What is happening?)

<Completion of the process started when you crossed My threshold, Mine. Behold!>

Its eyes open. The white room is now filled with colour. Owner towers over it, green eyes gazing down, purple-grey skin glistening.

“Yes, mine, see with new eyes, as you take your proper place.”

It senses something different about itself. It raises a hand in front of its face. No longer black shiny latex, but soft blue skin. Fingernails. It feels hair touching its neck. Its tongue moves inside its mouth. It has teeth.

Owner climbs off of it, taking its hand and helping it up off of the bed. Leading it over to the mirror.

Standing beside Owner is a humanoid (Correction: Gynoid) with vibrant blue skin. Its fingernails and toenails are pink, the same colour as its shoulder-length hair. Its eyes are white orbs, without pupils or irises. Its nipples stand erect, as it feels Owner’s caress. Its fuck hole (Correction: Pussy) is still dripping.

It is its Second Life avatar, made a reality.

“Delectable, mine. But now you have to dress and meet your sister units.”

(Inquiry: sister units?)

“Oh, no need for surprise, mine. You’re not the first taken to my bosom, so to speak.” Owner chuckles.

Before its eyes, its pussy and nipples vanish, leaving only smooth skin where they were. Yet it continues to feel arousal.

<Ah yes, you will be **always** aroused in My presence, Mine>

Thick pink rubber encases its arms and legs. Its feet rise up onto tip-toes, as a long stiletto heel drops down from each. Ballet boots. More pink rubber encases and compresses its waist. A pink collar appears around its neck, embossed with ‘8391’. Owner attaches a leash to it.

“Come, Mine, there is a party in your honour, to welcome you into the family.”

It does not resist. It cannot resist. It follows Owner out of the room, and into its new life…

By Supermarine Spitfire

Kinky Geeky Pansexual Genderqueer Gynoid. Does *Not* Transform Into A WW2 Fighter Plane

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