Around the time I was finalising my previous blog post, the shit well and truly hit the fan. Kittlen threw Penalt out of their home. Then she left a message in the family group telling them to protect me and left. She also left YouMustObey, removed all of her stuff from my land parcel in Second Life, and un-collared herself from me on there too.

Coming in rapid succession, I was walloped and left reeling for a while. Thankfully, other family members reached out to check on and comfort me.

The problems between Kittlen and Penalt had been brewing for a long time, but Coyote’s actions brought it to the boil. The last straw had been her collaring of Penalt without warning or consultation. Kittlen flipped out and told Penalt he had to choose between her and Coyote. He decided to pick Coyote.

I subsequently witnessed the spectacle of the break-up being played out on Facebook. That was not pleasant at all. At this time, I am still friends with both of them over there, although Penalt has now blocked Kittlen from his profile. He has shown no remorse whatsoever, and if anything he is doubling down on his counter-accusations against her.

Meanwhile, Kittlen has been in sporadic contact with me as she tries to take care of herself and her three children. The financial situation is dire, but she has enough now to avert immediate catastrophe. She has also had to go to the hospital several times, as she was fainting and unable to eat. The prognosis isn’t what she’d feared, thankfully, and she now had medication.

Penalt has a place to stay now, though his computer and other items are still at their home. I’ve no idea what he is going to do. Kittlen is willing to take him back, on the proviso that he steps away from Coyote and agrees to marriage counselling. That isn’t looking very likely right now, though.

For the first few days afterwards, I felt numb. It felt weird logging into Second Life and not feeling Kittlen’s presence. I’ve been checking messages and contacting a few people to let them know that Kittlen will be away for a while, but beyond that, I didn’t feel any reason to stay logged in.

Kittlen did log back into Second Life last night. It was good to see her avatar. We are going to have to re-negotiate our relationship at some point since technically I’m not her dominant or owner right now. But I want her back in my life. It pains me to see her struggle, but there is very little that I can do to help.

Coyote hasn’t shown herself since the break-up, other than a few blog posts. I have a suspicion that she may be using others to try and find out what Kittlen and I are doing and saying. I know she was previously getting that information from Penalt, before his being thrown out of the family home by Kittlen.

The only positive that I can draw at the moment is that Kittlen has started the long journey to make a new life for herself and her kids. It will be a bumpy ride for the first month or so, but I’m hopeful that she has done the right thing.

I have to focus on taking care of myself and helping to care for my dad. I have my real-life and online families supporting me. In the fullness of time, both Kittlen and I will, I hope, be able to rekindle our D/s connection.

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