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My girl Kittlen performing at SL15B. The theme this year was crystal, as you can probably guess from all the bling in the background.

Second Life is celebrating its 15th birthday (SL15B) at the moment. As part of that, it has been running a week of music events running across several areas. And my Kittlen was not only one of those invited to perform, but subsequently did several fill-in slots for others who couldn’t make it. I am so proud of her! Not only did she kick ass, but she worked with the support staff and other artists to help things run smoothly. 🙂

I was able to attend a few of her performances, and dance with her at some of them. For one of them, we even got featured on the live stream that went out on YouTube that day! How cool is that? 😀

I also got to see Goddess Oksana singing live. She has been performing at You Must Obey on Saturday, but at times when I’ve been in bed and fast asleep. So this was the first time I’d gotten to hear her—and she ROCKS! Oksana also plays a mean electric guitar. 🙂

Kittlen dancing in her beautiful maple-leaf-red and white dress. Appropriate, since she was playing Canadian music for all of her SL15B shows.

Kittlen needed that boost from doing SL15B. Her confidence had taken a severe knock-back after an incident at the Music Is Life festival last month, where she offered some dance props to one of the DJs from Whip Radio. That DJ somehow construed this as an insult and went off on a tirade against Kittlen in the Discord server for Whip Radio staff and DJs.

The station owner subsequently benched that person but also told Kittlen she was now on probation. Someone has been badmouthing Kittlen behind her back. And Kittlen is driven by emotion, reacting sharply to attacks, in this case offering her resignation.

I’ve had to do a lot of talking with her about that. She is way too quick to turn a setback into a disaster and label herself a failure. I know a bit about that, having been down that road myself. I try my best to lead by example, even if I occasionally wobble.

Myself and Kittlen dancing together at one of her SL15B shows. In the background, you can see the DJ sign that I designed for her. The caption on it reads ‘DJ io Mooncheeks, The Crazy Canuck!’

I am dealing with personal issues in the real world. My mum was invited to undergo a breast screening, as part of a trial programme for women over 70. They spotted a small abnormality, and a biopsy was taken and analysed. Thankfully, it looks to be benign, but they are going to do surgery to remove it anyway. She dodged a bullet there—it was not something she would have found herself by self-examination until it had grown much more substantial.

Although it is a day-patient operation, they are going to keep her overnight to make sure that the anaesthetic wears off entirely. And she will need to rest for several days afterwards. So I am going to have to take over from her and look after my terminally-ill dad. We have some overnight respite care organised, and other carers calling several times a day to help with dad, but it will be down to me to make sure he is ok for most of the time during the day.

I am not looking forward to this, but it needs doing, and mum had been showing me what to do and when. It is distressing at times, seeing my father in this state, but I have to console myself with the knowledge that at least he is in his own home with his loved ones. I have vivid memories of the hospice where my late grandmother spent her last months. I don’t want to think of my dad in that state.

Kittlen got asked to help out a dance troupe called 4play who were performing at SL15B after their DJ was unable to play due to technical issues. She is wearing the same costume that the dancers wore. Ay caramba!

Unfortunately, the drama llamas have not yet gone away. If anything, they’ve taken a new, and to my mind ridiculous, turn by claiming that Kittlen lied about Ezee lying back in August 2016 about why he couldn’t get online. Talk about flogging a dead horse! The evidence produced to back up this claim, however, all date from January of that year. Both Kittlen and myself have double checked for any reports of flooding in August in the area where Ezee lives, and all the data pointed to the negative. Also, Ezee’s grandmother has confirmed that there were no floods then.

What really boggles my mind, though, is that the person who is trying to make Kittlen out as a liar is well aware of how slippery Ezee is. If they really want to get back with him in any way, just to spite Kittlen, they will have no sympathy from me if he turns around and abuses that trust. Leopards do not change their spots.

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