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Dolly For A Night

I wrote this story back in 2015. The inspiration was an illustration that I saw online around that time.

Note: The following is a fantasy, but I would very much like it to become a reality someday. 😉

So here I was. Standing in a hotel room, the door key still in my hand. I’d received the directions from Master, and the receptionist downstairs had confirmed the booking when I inquired. I had my small suitcase on the bed, containing just some toiletries and a few… other items that I’d been told to bring with me.

I looked at my phone. Plenty of time until Master was due to arrive. I unpacked my suitcase, drew the curtains, stripped and headed to the bathroom.

I made sure to lather and scrub thoroughly in the shower – I’d been told to make sure I was squeaky-clean. Master’s little joke.

I then filled and hooked up the enema bag, and proceeded to do a cleanse internally. Thankfully, I’d been too nervous to eat much today, so there wasn’t much to remove from there.

Once I was satisfied, I dried myself off, then fetched the lube and my plug. I was particularly proud of the latter, as I’d recently managed to progress up beyond my beginner’s set that I’d bought all those months ago. I made sure to lube it generously, and then took the opportunity to lube inside my hole, inserting first one, then several fingers, and enjoying the sensation of my muscles gripping them.

I spread my legs and squatted, lined the plug up with my hole, and slowly pressed it in, feeling my hole expand and swallow it up. Then it stopped, and I checked to confirm the flared base was resting comfortably between my cheeks.

I caught my hand starting to tug on my cock, and cursed myself. Not now! An erection was the last thing I needed for what Master had promised!

I returned to the bed and rechecked my phone. I still had some time left to myself. A grin crept across my face, as I reached for the nipple clamps and proceeded to attach them. Damn, that felt good! My cock twitched a little, but I ignored it, just sitting and basking in the sensations.

There was a knock on the door. I froze, looked at my phone. Shit! I’d enjoyed myself a bit too much.

“Who is it?” I called out, trying to sound composed.

There was a pause. “Candy-gram for Mongo.” I had to stifle a giggle. The code-word had been my idea.

I quickly made sure my bathrobe was secured, then went to the door and opened it a crack.

I was surprised to see Master dressed very casually, toting a larger suitcase. He noted my raised eyebrow. “I need to wash and change myself.”

I let Master in and closed the door, then dropped to my knees.

“No need for theatricals, Slave. Besides, I know you get uncomfortable being in that position.”

I shakily got up and followed Master to the bed.

“I take it you’re suitably cleansed and prepared?”

I smiled, shrugged off the bathrobe, turned around, bent over and spread my butt cheeks.

“Very good. I’m impressed. Turn around.”

Unfortunately, as I did so, one of the clamps came loose and fell to the floor.

“Hmm, you’ve been keeping yourself entertained, I see. You realise the other one will have to come off as well, don’t you?”

I nodded and removed the other clamp. I couldn’t resist touching my nipples, feeling their sensitivity.

“Ok, that’s enough of that!”

I pouted.

“You’ll have plenty of time for that after we’ve dressed you.”

My heart leapt; this was it. I was going to get to live out my fantasy, for real.

Master hoisted his suitcase onto the bed and opened it. Inside was two sets of clothing, plus some other items in plastic bags.

Master took out his toiletry bag and produced some talcum powder. “Shall we begin?”

I swallowed and nodded my head.

“Ok, first off, something to help you keep your composure.” Master declared, producing the first item of clothing. The pussy pants! My eyes widened. I’d seen and read about them, but now I was going to wear them!

“Better get yourself lubed; otherwise it’s going to be an uncomfortable fit.”

I nodded, took the pants from him, squirted some lube into the internal sheath, and applied some to my cock and balls for good measure.

“Don’t worry. The neck will stretch. Here, let me help you with that.”

I blushed as Master held open the neck of the sheath, while I guided my cock and balls inside. I was secretly glad that I’d managed to shave off all the hair from around there.

“There. Nice and cosy! Now, to get these panties on you.”

I obligingly sat on the bed and rolled onto my back, allowing Master to guide the panties up my legs and attach the urethral tube from the sheath, then had me raise my bum so he could pull them up and into place.

“All done. Comfortable?”

“Yes, Master… I think.” I looked incredulously at my groin. I could still feel my cock and balls in there, somewhere, but they felt a long way away now.

Master turned back to his suitcase. “Ok, for this part, I want you to stand up and close your eyes. Keep them closed until I tell you otherwise. Got that?”

“Yes, Master.” I had a good idea what he was going to put on me next, but he’d refused to divulge much detail.

“Head straight! Hold still!”

I felt his hand applying some lube to my face and around my head and ears. Then something was placed on my face and around my head. A mask of some kind, I thought. But what sort?

“No peeking, Slave!”

I bit my lip. The suspense was killing me!

I felt his hand adjusting the mask. Then he turned me around a bit.

“Ok, you can open your eyes.”

The rotter had turned me away from the wardrobe mirror! Damn it!

“No turning your head!”

I pouted again.

“Patience. I promised you’d enjoy this little transformation, and I intend to deliver!”

Master moved behind me, then reappeared and presented the next item of clothing with a flourish.

“As we agreed, no forms. Since you’ve been teasing yourself there, this works out well for both of us. I’m sure you won’t mind me doing some quality assurance later?”

I feigned shock. “On a first date? What kind of girl do you take me for?”

Master laughed. “My intentions are entirely honourable.”

I took the catsuit from Master, gazing at it. “I’ve already shined it up for you, so all we need to do is talc you and get you into it.”

I grinned. “I’m game, Master – let’s do this.”

Master applied talk onto my shoulders and chest and proceeded to dust me down. He then did the same to my arms and legs.

“Ok, time for the moment of truth.”

Master instructed me to lift one foot, then the other, as he guided the catsuit up my legs. Once he’d gotten it up to my waist, he proceeded to use his hands to get the wrinkles out, while giving my arse a grope. “Easy, Tiger!” I quipped.

“Onwards and upwards!”

Master guided the catsuit up to my chest and smoothed out the wrinkles again.

“Ok, this is where we find out just how far this thing can stretch.”

I grimaced a bit as the neck stretched wider, digging into my side a bit, as Master helped me get my left arm inside the catsuit.

“Nearly there!”

Another stretch and the right arm was in too. Master finished pulling the neck up, then helped me pull the wrinkles out from my arms.

“I’ll let you finish covering yourself.”

He handed me some toe-socks and gloves and watched as I put them on and made sure they were pulled flush with the catsuit.

“Ok, one more item, and we’re done – for now. Stand up and close your eyes again.”

I felt something placed on my head and adjusted. My eyes tickled. A wig?

“Keep those eyes closed!”

I felt a coolness under my feet. Master must be guiding me to the bathroom.

“Ok, open your eyes.”

I did.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief.

That part was still me, as were my eyes.

But that was the only flesh and blood I could see.

Master had indeed placed a mask on me – that of a beautiful female. And a wig of long, lush black hair.

'Dolly For A Night' illustration

I took in the catsuit. The seams. The way it gave me little pert breasts. The way my nipples stood out, and my bum nicely rounded. The way the rubber pussy’s outline was visible against the—zip?

“The mask complements your mouth and eyes, don’t you think?’

I turned to face Master. My eyes were watery. “I…”

“Yes, dear?”

I grabbed him in a hug. “Thank you! Thank you!” I blubbed.

“You’re welcome, dear. Now, I have to freshen up a bit, so I’ll be needing to use the bathroom myself. But I’ve brought some things to keep you amused.”

Master guided me back to the bed and produced a Magic Wand.

“You can get started on the quality testing. But no cumming! And I expect a full report on my desk when I return.”

“Yes, Sir!” I mock-saluted. He laughed and turned back to the bathroom.

I was itching to try the Wand on my new body, but couldn’t resist scampering over to the wardrobe and admiring myself some more. I was still trying to process that this exotic creature looking back at me was me!

Eventually, once I’d done every pose I could think of, I flopped onto the bed, then rolled over and located the mains socket. I found the zip at the bottom of the catsuit, and carefully unzipped to reveal the rubber pussy.

I turned on the Wand to a low setting and applied it to one of my nipples. Whoa, Nelly! He’d been right about my earlier play making the experience more enjoyable. I calmed down a bit and proceeded to try the Wand around my new pussy. My eyes crossed over as it landed right over where my cock was. Wow!

“Remember, no cumming!”

I cursed and moved the Wand a bit further away. As I lay there, starting to feel myself tingling nicely, I glanced over at Master’s suitcase. He’d evidently brought another catsuit plus a hood for himself, and two gas-masks. My eyes widened when I noticed that he’d also brought some cock sheath pants – but his sheath wasn’t so much a sheath, more an extension!

Tonight was certainly going to be one to remember.

giggle Sorry to leave you guys hanging like that. I’m sure you can make up your own story from here. Hope you enjoyed!

By Supermarine Spitfire

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