Onwards and Upwards!

I’m back up and running again, after a week of living off of my smartphone and tablet. Also, my 2011 iMac is still in the repair shop, and I’ve had to resort to buying a new model so I could start working again. (I’m self-employed, and having a working machine plus my data and apps is a must.)

On duty at the YMO Galleria
On duty at the YMO Galleria

Kittlen, bless her, covered for my various DJ shifts while I was unable to do so. But as a result, she ended up pretty drained. And then her vertigo came back with a vengeance, along with various Real Life stresses. 🙁

Unity One, my owner and mentor, put to us that we were overexerting ourselves in Second Life. She had a point—I’ve been stressing over the broken computer, plus how to pay for the new one. And both of us were putting in a lot of hours of DJ-ing each week.

There was no threat as such, but she told us we needed to cut those hours down. And Unity’s words carry power, over both of us. I put in a schedule change request with Gorean Whip Radio to go down to one show a week. That was an easy decision, as it gives me the opportunity to plan more for what I want to do with that slot. Kittlen has agreed to not do any extra slots on the Whip—something both myself and Irish (the Whip manager who hired both of us) were already pressing her to do.

Our attention then turned to the issue of our DJ slots at Old Guard. We’ve both been performing there for several years, but recently things have become sour. One of the landowners disappeared, with another pushed out by her partner. He asked the DJs and manager to forego their fees for a time, and we all agreed, with some reluctance. It soon became clear that I was the only one still making a decent amount of money from tips alone.

But things did not improve. Attendance at all the weekly events dwindled, even on Fridays when I was playing. The remaining landowner became less and less visible, and when he did attend there was occasional friction between him and Kittlen. Playing to an empty venue is a pretty disheartening experience. But the flashpoints, plus the continued fee freeze and lack of traffic, meant we decided it was time to go.

We crafted a leave-of-absence letter, keeping it as polite and diplomatic as possible. Shortly after I sent the message, we got a response, stating our services were no longer required. It was not what I’d wanted, but it will be for the best in the long run.

Right now, I’m feeling a lot more confident about my DJ-ing abilities now. Joining the team at Gorean Whip Radio has helped me sharpen my skills and improve my on-air voice. By focussing on that plus my weekly dance event at You Must Obey, I’ll have time to plan themes. I’m also going to make more jingles and effects to give my performances a recognisable vibe. I have my Kittlen at my side as I embark on this new phase of my journey.

YMO Galleria rooftop dance area
YMO Galleria rooftop dance area

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