Learning To Punish A Kittlen

I’d known for a while that my Kittlen has a problem with her Second Life spending. Gachas, in particular, were a weakness of hers. (Gachas are devices that you pay a set amount into to receive one of many possible items. Some common, others rare. If this sounds like a gambling machine, that’s because it is, pretty much.) When you’re capable of going from 7000 Linden Dollars down to 100 in the space of a day, that is a concern. I’d cajoled Kittlen into avoiding gachas, with some success. But she was still doing too much retail therapy for my liking. And she was finding excuses to justify her purchases. Stuff for events, to give as gifts to people, pink items that she’d pass on to me.

It got to a point last Sunday where she’d gone and purchased stuff, yet again, without consulting me first. And I decided that my nudges weren’t working, and it required more drastic action to get her to change her ways. Little did I realise how much it would affect both her and myself.

I informed Kittlen that I was going to have to punish her. I thought of the worst punishment I could mete out. She would write lines fifty times, by hand. “Kittlen must ask their awien for permission before any retail therapy.”

Kittlen pouted but got to work doing her punishment. She complained that her hand was hurting from doing the writing. I winced but fought back the urge to tell her to stop. I didn’t like the idea of her hurting. But I knew I needed to impress upon her how disappointed I was about her spending sprees.

We were both at the CFNM Mansion in Second Life at the time, both of us naked (as a come-on to get people to tip, I should add). I got clothed but informed her she was to remain naked. She was going to come with me to the Galleria, and go into her cage there for the duration of my sleep, about six hours. She pouted but accepted her fate. I explained to her that I couldn’t trust her not to go on another splurge while I was asleep. The time was past 4 pm SLT, I would return sometime after 10 pm SLT.

I gave her a few rules for her ‘time-out.’ She could stream music while in the cage but had to remain there. Her ‘aunties’–Eleanor, Spa, Kitti–could take her out for cuddles, but she was to return to the cage afterward. Unity could override my directive if she wished, as she is my Owner.

I did not rest well that night. Had I gone too far? Was Kittlen OK? Should I have taken a different course of action? I felt terrible about her being in pain from writing lines and leaving her naked and caged.

I woke up to find a stream of chat logging and photos waiting for me on Discord (the chat system we both use). Some of the visitors to the Galleria had moved the cage to the middle of the lounge area and set up a pillow fort nearby. I am thankful that 11543 had moderated them and kept Kittlen safe. She had also finished writing her lines and had posted photos to prove it.

Unfortunately, someone else had shown up at the Galleria, a creep. He was still there when I logged in and went to the Galleria to check on Kittlen. Her stream was playing. I was so wrapped up in giving her aftercare that I didn’t spot her playing one of her ‘trigger’ songs three times in a row. It turned out, creep had been in her IM. She broke off, safe-worded, then teleported to my home.

I followed Kittlen back to my home and tried to comfort her, but she was unresponsive. Unity One then summoned both of us to her. She knew about the creep and had banned him from the Galleria.

Unity sat us both down and had a chat with us. We were spending a lot of time together as dominant and submissive. Unity suggested that we should take regular breaks from D/s and just hang out together. She then left us, to deal with other matters.

Unity contacted me to ask how things were going. I explained to her what I’d done, and how I was feeling. She assured me that I was doing fine, that I would need to assert my dominance from time to time, to keep going.

I tried to talk to Kittlen. She ranted at me about her treatment by the people in the Galleria. She pointed out that I’d not released her from the cage, or permitted her to dress. She refused to sit with me and teleported to her home.

I followed her there and confronted her. She asked me why I’d left her exposed like that. I apologised for that but reminded her that I’d punished her because her spending was out of control. There was a ‘kaching’ as she sent me her Linden Dollar balance, then she logged out. A message popped up from Discord; “I can’t spend what I don’t have.”

I felt a bit shell-shocked for the rest of the morning, mulling over what had happened.

Kittlen showed up on Discord again in the mid-afternoon (my time—early morning her time) and started talking to me. It was awkward for both of us. She explained how she had felt during her time-out, what she had been thinking. In particular, how she’d perceived my actions and responses to her. I’d felt distant to her; my arms didn’t seem open to her.

I, in turn, explained that I’d been groggy still, and had not been alert to what was going on at the time. I’d missed the signals, and felt terrible for not catching on before Kittlen needed to safe-word.

She had been OK with and accepted the captivity. But her experience while caged had caused her to go into rabbit mode and run from me.

She turned to me and asked me. “Are you proud of me for doing the punishments? For suffering through the drones’ idea of help, even though it felt more humiliating than help? For being willing to express all my feelings, even anger, and rage? Are your arms open to me?”

I had tears in my eyes as I wrote back, “Oh God yes!”

Later, in my evening, we danced at Xaara. I was DJ-ing, as Kittlen couldn’t due to external factors at home (workmen drilling outside). I was playing lots of French songs, chewing the pronunciations on voiceover. Not to mention trying not to laugh because Kittlen kept distracting me on chat!

I held her in my arms, and we expressed our love for each other. Me in English, her in French.

I learned some valuable lessons in those 24 hours. I need to take good care of this little Kittlen who has given me their trust. I need to trust my intuition and follow through on it. I need to be more explicit in communicating with Kittlen my thoughts and desires.

We are still working on her ‘Linden diet,’ but we’re both committed to making it work.

I would like to thank a few folks. 11543 for their companionship during Kittlen’s time-out. Eleanor and Unity One for their advice and encouraging words. Finally, to Kittlen, for helping me to grow both as a person and a dominant.

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