Dollie & Awien – Or How I Became A Dom

I’m sat in the YMO Galleria with Kittlen in my arms, once again.

I still have to pinch myself. Me, a dominant? Yes. I’m still getting used to and learning about this new responsibility, but it isn’t the deep dive I thought it would be.

In fact, it feels like a continuation of a process that started back when I first me Kittlen. I was still subbing to REDACTED and working as his club manager. She was with her dominant Ezee, working as a dancer at Old Guard. I’d visit Old Guard on Fridays and Saturdays, when I wasn’t working for REDACTED.

Time passed. I left REDACTED, and become Unity One’s slave and plaything. Kittlen was now a DJ at Old Guard, alongside Ezee. But there were clouds already then. Ezee wasn’t always online when she needed him. She started having to cover DJ shifts for him. We conversed, and I offered my support as best I could. I’d impressed her by how much I’d changed for the better under Unity’s tutelage.

It came to a point where Kittlen couldn’t do Friday at Old Guard due to covering for Ezee elsewhere. She suggested my name to Bryan, the OG’s manager since she knew I had DJ-ing experience and a music stream. So I got back into DJ-ing again. It felt good.

Bryan offered me the Friday 2-4pm slot at Old Guard, preceding DJ Bunbun. My confidence grew. I also started to DJ a bit at the old YMO sim, before the move to its current location. Fulfilling a promise I’d made to Unity to host events there. Kittlen was now doing Saturdays at Old Guard. Ezee’s appearances in Second Life were sporadic at best. By this point, he was not welcome at Old Guard due to failing to show up to DJ when he’d promised to. Kittlen had now gotten Coyote, one of her subs, to DJ as well, to help cover for her.

Ezee’s absences became longer, with less communication. Both Kittlen and Coyote were being affected by this lack of attention to their needs. By this point, we were all close friends, and I attended their events when I could. I was now doing the YMO Parties here at the Galleria every Saturday. Kittlen was familiar with YMO, as she has an interest in hypnosis.

Then the relationship with Ezee hit rock bottom. Not only was he absent, but he wasn’t even communicating by proxy through Coyote anymore. Others started nudging Kittlen, telling her she should leave him. But she was resistant, blaming herself in part of his absence. I offered support but was hesitant to push her. But in the end, it was Pen Alt, her real-world husband, who forced the matter. Ezee was pretty much told not to come near Kittlen again.

It was while I was comforting her that she popped the question to me—what if I were her dominant, and she my submissive? I didn’t answer right away. To be honest, my self-doubt grabbed me and laughed in my face, telling me I couldn’t be up to the task. But I shouted that monkey down and got Kittlen to discuss with me further what she needed from me. And after a while, and some guidance from Unity, I decided to sod it, forget about Ezee, I’m going to do this!

It wasn’t an immediate thing. The changes were gradual. Ball-jointed doll skin. Then added as owner on her collar. Unity met and welcomed her into the fold. More dollie accessories. Staff group access and a slot on the Galleria radio board. She spent more and more time at the Galleria. Pen joined her there, as did Coyote. We became more open about our relationship.

Then last Friday, I decided that I’d come out at the Old Guard. I slotted in some of Kittlen’s favourite songs and told the crowd about how I was taking Io’s hand on this exciting journey. Kittlen cried, I cried too, everyone whooped and cheered. We’ve now updated our profiles on FetLife too.

For the record, Pen has given his blessing for me to take Kittlen, as has Coyote. I’m also reaching out to Ezee’s and Kittlen’s other subs to offer support to them if they want it.

So now I’m here, with Kittlen in my arms. I am her awien (little in-joke). She is my dollie. “Mine.” “Thine.” There will be many more days and nights like this. As I listen to her, offer advice, give assignments (and punishment if necessary) and be there for her. She needs me, a lot. Not only had her cup run dry, in Ezee’s absence, but it had cobwebs over it.

It is still possible that Ezee might yet come back and demand Kittlen back, but that seems a remote prospect. In any case, it became apparent that Ezee had not been truthful with Io about his situation. Kittlen still has feelings for him, but is becoming reconciled to the facts and prepared to move on.

My hope now is that I can rise to the challenge and help Kittlen to heal and grow. But for now, I am content to hold her and let her nuzzle up against me.

By Supermarine Spitfire

Kinky Geeky Pansexual Genderqueer Gynoid. Does *Not* Transform Into A WW2 Fighter Plane

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