Back In The Saddle

Hi! Been a while since this one updated here. It tends to be more active over on Tumblr.

Overall, 2016 was pretty good for this one, on a personal level at least. And it has started 2017 with a positive mental outlook, which it will probably need in order to deal with the way the world around it is moving these days. frown

It is now part of a small family of slaves who directly serve our Owner, Unit E1. All of us are switches of varying degrees, meaning that we have some dominant component in our personalities. Each family member has different talents and strengths, and we are encouraged to support and help one another in our continuing D/s growth and development. This one will introduce the members of its family in future posts.

One other addition to this one’s life has been Michona, a fire-kittykat, whom you can see in the image above. This one used to own (or was owned by) two cats in Real Life, and occasionally misses the comfort of kitty cuddles. ^_^

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