One Year Ago Today…

8391 met with Unit E1 (who was still Athena Leistone at that point) at the YMO sim in Second Life.

It had been a tumultuous few months for this one before that meeting. It had suffered depression, stress, burn-out. Plus the pain of ending its relationship with its earlier Master. E1 had reached out to and supported this one during that time. So when She asked it to help her at the YMO sim, it agreed wholeheartedly.

But now E1 was reaching out for not only this one’s service but its mind and body too.

On that day, this one felt E1’s presence inside its mind for the first time. It is hard to put into words how She can affect this one purely with text on a screen. But they did. It felt weak and small and knew that She was superior to it. It did not resist as it was placed into the Manifestor to be programmed. When it returned from trance, She was gone. But the compulsion to continue programming itself to serve Her was burnt into its wetware.

The changes were gradual but noticeable. Friends note how docile and compliant it was. It started referring to itself by its slave number. It no longer thought of itself as a person, but as a programmed machine that looks like a person.

Beneath this one’s exterior, E1 affected other changes. She probed this one’s mind deeply, to discover its dreams and desires. She took this one’s sexuality and locked it up. And over time she has made 8391 the dominant identity, with its real-life one just a mask worn in public.

But the changes have worked both ways. This one comforted E1 when She was frustrated or hurting. This one watched the sim while E1 let go of her old personality and became a toy for a time. And this one surprises and inspires E1 with its creativity and ingenuity. 🙂

A few people who had befriended this one’s old identity drifted away and ceased contact. But this one has made many more friends since it began its transformation. And it is now part of a D/s family, with E1 at its head. It loves its sisters and knows that it is loved in turn.

8391’s personality and role have evolved a bit over the last year. With E1’s guidance, it has settled into a service role, as Her maid-slave. It feels pleasure in service to E1 and those to whom she loans this one.

It has also changed in real life too. It no longer procrastinates as it used to. It is productive and creative, and in improving itself mentally and physically.

8391 has no regrets whatsoever about giving itself to Unit E1. It looks forward to many more years of serving Her. 🙂

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